Greenlee Funeral Home
42 Bank Street at Crawford Road
P.O. Box 395
Fredericktown, Pennsylvania 15333
Phone: (724) 377-2232
Fax: (724) 632-3320



John Bentley Greenlee

The businesses now known as the Greenlee Funeral Homes originated on September 1, 1904 when James V. McDonough purchased the Robinson Funeral Home in Beallsville, PA. He operated this business until 1930 when John Bentley Greenlee, who had joined the firm in 1925, became a partner with 1/3 interest and the funeral home changed its name to McDonough & Greenlee. When Mr. McDonough died in 1946, Mr. Greenlee purchased the remaining 2/3 of the business and, on March 15, 1949, the funeral home became known as the John B. Greenlee Funeral Home, Beallsville, PA.

In 1955, Mr. Greenlee opened the Ames Funeral Home in Fredericktown with his brother-in-law, Marsh Ames. When Gordon Greenlee, the eldest of John Greenlee's two sons, received his funeral director's license in 1957, the name of the funeral home was changed to the Greenlee Funeral Home, Fredericktown, PA.

On Friday, November 13, 1965, Barrett Greenlee was also given charge as a new Greenlee Funeral Home was opened in an historic homestead in Bentleyville. After the sudden death of John B. Greenlee in 1967, the funeral homes were operated by his widow, Mary G. Greenlee and their two sons, Gordon and Barrett, until 1974. At this time, Gordon and Barrett purchased all of the assets of the three funeral homes and have operated them since that time.